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LIVE ONLINE: Tuesday & Thursday
Oct 24 - Jan 25 2024
Nov 14 - Feb 15, 2024
Jan 02 - Mar 21, 2024
Jan 30 - Apr 18, 2024
Feb 27 - May 16, 2024
April 02 - Jun 20, 2024
May 07 - Jul 25, 2024
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2 Week Course LIVE ONLINE

Jan 8-13 & 15-20, 2024
Jan 29-Feb 03 & 5-10, 2024
Mar 4-9 & 11-16, 2024
Apr 1-6 & 8-13 , 2024
No TWO WEEK course in May 2024
Jun 3-8 & 10-15, 2024
Jul 8-13 & 15-20, 2024
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Student Project Checklist,
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Final Examination Testing Schedule

Tuesday & Thursday morning & evening real estate classes are starting every week. Classes are running continuously thru December 15th.
Learn real estate and from the comfort and safety of home with A-Pass-Weikel Institute Online. We will announce Auction Course dates soon.
Students can stay safe with live classes taught online.
Join us for our Real Estate Pre-license Course. Enroll today, start at your convenience. We have classes starting every week.
All you need is a Windows 10 laptop or a Macbook and a high speed internet connection. For technical specifications see the link below.
A-Pass-Weikel Institute
Online Real Estate Prelicense Courses are a great way to learn real estate and establish statewide contacts.
Real Estate Prelicense Course 100AB includes our LIVE ONLINE 2-Day Sales Associate Cram Course at no additional charge.
2024 Cram Course Schedule
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Salesperson's license package includes:
(1) KREC approved course and school final exam.
(2) Textbook - Modern Real Estate Practice.
(3) Study notes and in-class exams.
(4) State exam candidate handbook
(5) Kentucky license law manual.
(6) 2-Day Cram Course
(7) KREC required transcript.
(8) Personalized certificate suitable for framing.
(9) 5% Alumni discount on future Advanced Courses.
(10) 20 Hours License Law
(11) 20 Hours Real Estate Math
(12) 56 Hours General Real Estate

Morning Hours: 9:00am - 12:45pm - 2 Days per week Live Online - Tues & Thurs Evening Hours: 6:30pm - 10:15pm - 2 Nights per week Live Online - Tues & Thurs Weekend Hours: Fri. Sat. Sun: 9:00am - 5:30pm

2-Week Course Hours: 12 consecutive days: 9:00am - 5:30 pm - Live Online (Mon-Sat with one hour lunchbreak) All programs can be combined, attending some morning or evening classes, some Fridays, Saturdays, and/or Sundays, and some week day classes. (Schedule would need to be worked out by school personnel for combination of programs.) Classes may be repeated before the State Exam. Fees
Tuition: $758.95
Text: $37.05
Payment: We welcome personal checks, cash, Visa, and Mastercard.

Guarantee: Student may cancel a course enrollment by notifying the school and returning all course materials with the tuition receipt prior to the initial class session, within three (3) months of the date of school contract. All course enrollments are subject to a $200.00 cancellation fee. Any student failing state exam may repeat the course within one (1) year of original course enrollment. Student will be required to pay an administrative fee of $35.00 and/or purchase any new textbook or study material as required for class.

Registration Procedure: You may register for any class by telephone using your credit card or simply mail your registration form to the appropriate office. If you have any questions or need to go through the schedule with us, please call 502-459-1620 or stop by any of our offices. We would be happy to meet you and answer your questions.

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